Why should you use Clancy Inventory Services?


All Clancy personnel are highly trained and managed to perform at peak trained efficiency. You can be confident that experienced and knowledgeable people are servicing your physical inventory needs.


Clancy Inventory has a highly competitive fee structure. Certainly one reason for our excellent growth is our competitive rates, coupled with good service. We are probably less expensive (and invariable more accurate) than what you’re presently receiving through taking your own inventory.


Clancy Inventory can meet just about any job requirement. We are a full service company with broad experience in all types of inventory. We can report inventory data in any manner our clients desire.


Clancy Inventory is fast. Our computerized equipment is “state of the art” in our field. In most inventories we can report total immediately after completion of the job.


We consider client needs on an individual basis. Our flexibility and experience provides our clients with top-flight service.